Project : Forest Holidays

Forest Holidays is the brand sales the lifestyle of forest living, activity and traveling, cooperate with 11 forest in UK, the services include health, sports and education. The project is aim to development Forest Holidays services and change the stereotype of "luxury".

In terms of " luxury", people always link to fashion brand, product or expensive leisure activity. However, in the rush city life, luxury could change to be the "time" and "special experience". As working takes large percentage of our daily life, the quality of working environment turns crucial influence and decide our working effenciency, emotion and living attitude.

Combine the key points above, Forest Holidays provide the new services of " Back to Basic", challenge the market of working holidays, provide customer the forest type of working environment, deliver the very different message "working could be luxury".

Colleagues : Filitsa Moutousi / Yuyun Lu

Role : Creative Director / Graphic Designer

Client : Forest Holidays