Project : Durex

Durex is the brand owned the high percentage of condom global market share and aims to liberate to good sex for everyone, they believe good sex is what feels good for you and no one should tell you different. In this project Durex find the problem in the sex space, decide to challenge the taboo and stereotype of sex and disability, they fight to fix it and deliver the message of good sex is about health, rights and enjoyment.

To achieve the target, the new concept of "Creative Sex is Great Sex" gives the actual action for people to remove the label of sexuality and diability, with the simple move but real " Flip". Meanwhile, follow the trend of internet and social media using, Durex lunch the hashtag #unlockedposition to ask customer communicate and interact more on internet platform.

Colleagues : Chui Tsz Ho / Jiamin Sun

Role : Creative Director / Strategy Planning/ Graphic Design

Client : Durex