Project : Thriva

Thriva established in the 2015, aim to build the world first preventative health diagnosis services. In the past, people rely on family doctor, and now people normally using google to do the self diagnosis, which is inaccurate and will increase the health anxiety.

In the circumstance of coronavirus pandemic, people feel more anxiety about their health, afraid to go hospital and this situation cause more death because the delate of important diagnosis.

This is the positive moment for thriva to get in touch with customer, provide the services that people need and acting as their close firend. In the advertising thriva deliver the message of " friendship, trustworthy, accuracy and partnership", the creative concept apply the movie "Cast Away" spiritual charactor "Mr. Wilson" to indicate what thriva symbolise a spritual and real action support in our daily life.

Role : Brand Analysis / Creative Strategy / Creative Director / Media Planning

Client : Thriva