Project : Liverpool X Nike

This advertising looking forward to demonstrate the new attitude on fan base that LFC wants to increase the value and quality for their advocate friends, the promotion of “ culture of perfection," is the spirit of positive experience setback and adversity.
Target audience will focus on aged around 18 to 34, female, male, family, international or regional who advocate Liverpool FC, willing to buy kit to show the equality, unity, community, professionalism and pride.
Based on fan insight the crucial features for both Nike and Liverpool Football Club is to focus on what their customer need, to encourage (Williams, S., 2020), inspire (Hazard, T., 2019) and motivate (, 2020) the passion of sports and life. Consequently, the execution of Liverpool FC is to deliver message that not only focus on value the brand but also show the concern of customer orientation, and the demand of self promotion.The concept of “Just Kick It” is to the transform from “Just Do It”, combine the initial value of encourage people to take the challenge and face it in positive and proactive emotion, conquer and feel the gratification of be one of those successful athletes and celebrities. The media planning is to achieve the objective by separate the message in three different channels, which is print poster, TV and social media. The three media channels will all deliver the message with powerful and positive emotion, convey with strong and deep feeling of being one of the team.

Role : Brand Analysis / Creative Strategy / Creative Director / Media Planning

Client : Liverpool FC / Nike