Project : LEGO

LEGO target on the audience around age 1 to 15, however, the value that LEGO create is way more than this. In this project, LEGO try to deliver the message of "Play LEGO unlock potential" to the parents with emotional appeal, to remind them that with LEGO can connect with their children as it is the same toy that they all once owned and played.

The creative concept "I Speak LEGO" is telling that LEGO is common like a universal language but more functional, deliver the benefits of LEGO can help to improve the interaction between parents and children, it is not restrict in age agroup.

LEGO own the features of
connection, helps children build their spirit world and able to communcate and inherit.

Colleagues : Chui Tsz Ho / Jiamin Sun

Role : Creative Director / Strategy Planning/ Graphic Design

Client : LEGO